Hitler Didi 3rd December 2012 Written Update

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Hitler Didi 3rd December 2012 Written Update by Amanda_18

Hitler Didi 3rd December 2012 Written Episode

The episode start with Khan holding Zara at gun point, saying everyone will be died in Sharma Niwas, while he is talking in his crazy ways, Zara hit him and took away his gun. He falls and everyone began fighting, One man was behind swetha about to attack her, Zara save her by hitting him, and grabbing on to swetha hand and keeping her behind her. Indu shoots the Khan man with her weapon. Khan did escape from the house, Rishi then run behinds him. Rishi then goes on to an horse to get Khan, he then capture Khan and they both began fighting. Khan hit Rishi very badly saying this is what destiny wants

Indu was also fighting, actually the entire family was fighting with Khan’s man. Munna then become scared and told the pandit to start the mantra as he wants to marry savita immediately.
Zara is looking for Khan, then he grab her. She some how manage to fight him and hold him at gun point ready to kill him until he said only he knows about her past and he is the only one who knows no one else knows, and she should shoot him. He is laughing as if he is stupid.

He keeps saying to shoot, he shall carry her past to his grave. He told Zara what will she choose her past or her country, she tehn shot him in the leg. He then said he created Zara Malik Khan, and he knows she won’t kill him and laughs again. He then said she will kill him and she draws her gun to shot she fires and the police arrive and stop her, she said she wants to kill him, but the police said they want him alive before they look at Khna, he is gone. They sets out to looks for him, Zara is looking for him and saying he can escape for her, she has to know who is? She wants to know about her past? In came Rishi saying she should ask herself, she should ask him. He then said ask your heart, Indira. Zara is left shocked. Rishi then said Yeah Indira Rishi Kumar, Come on let’s go home, to our house, to our daughter.

Indu is looking at the finger prints when he lawyer said Zara & Indira are two different person. Indu keeps looking at both finger prints.
When we see some one walking, it like they are in a mental ayslum the woman is calling number and a person comes in the woman then ask her to place her thumb print, on the other hand Indu is still looking at the prints she got of Zara & Indira, while the woman place her thumb print upon the paper, it match Indira. A man they ask how come her prints are like that, they woman then said those are hindu woman that’s why.
Indu then thinks if Zara Malik Khan isn’tIndira Sharma, then who is Indira Sharma, and where is she.Indu is sitting next to a globe, and we see pakistan, where this muslim BG song began playing. and we see the shadow of a short hair woman placing her finger against the wall, and behaving all crazy.

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  1. bhavik soni
    December 10, 10:48 Reply

    which song was played while hitler did was in pakistan jail

  2. roha
    December 07, 15:34 Reply

    if real indira is one in the asylum/pakistan jail and d other one is zara then whom did indira’s family burned as indira’s dead body?

    • joanzik
      October 15, 09:06

      you really asked an interesting question. thanks for that. I really d know if this director and producer think we are fools.

  3. karen
    December 05, 17:34 Reply

    were is 4th december written update?

  4. Anonymous
    December 05, 12:33 Reply

    Hey i think zara is only indira… Tatz y khan told ‘i made zara’ when he got shot by zara.. The lady in Pakistan jail would be the original zara malik khan. To hide his crimes and to fulfil his criminal mission he would have double bodied someone. Lets see what Hitler didi comes out with….

  5. Faarz
    December 04, 17:14 Reply

    I dont want indira to be the mental patient… I think Zara is Indira… Why would the paper with YES land on the document with Indira‚Äôs photo? Orr Maybe Shweta changed the fingerprint reports? :S I just want Rishi and Zara!

  6. Spondon
    December 04, 11:45 Reply

    Indira is dead nd buried in front of every 1… Hw can be she alive!!! This is the serial of hitler didi not abut indira

  7. Naija Babe
    December 04, 05:05 Reply

    For crying out loud this getting absurd, Y can’t a man marry his wife and go away from his parents in all the india series watching in NIGERIA the couple must live with his parents as a married man. Pls somebody answer the question for me

  8. hajra
    December 04, 04:39 Reply

    ths is geting interesting!cnt wait to see more

  9. Dhananjay
    December 04, 01:20 Reply

    Ila bedi Datta going mad day by day… what a sad tracks coming to this Hitler Didi serial..?? It was one of the most entertaining serial of ZEE for last year… but producer cum writer Ila Bedi Datta derailed its track. Any ways…Lemme congratulate Indira for getting at least ‘Best Daughter of the Year 2012’ in Zee Rishtey Award..!!

  10. FAN
    December 04, 00:28 Reply

    rishi committed with zara as he thinks that she is his sreemathiji..but what about this mental patient? she may be indira as her finger prints( taken in a book in the jail or hospital) match with the prints( compared with indira sharma)….oh…rishi….who is ur indira among these 3 characters ?

  11. KSG!!
    December 03, 21:53 Reply

    So the mental patient has to be Indira!! :))

  12. hdfan
    December 03, 21:23 Reply

    wheres the serial going on???? how many roles will be played by RATI? one is indira sharma second one is zaara….and now again another new role…which is showed as some mental patient in pakisthan jail???

    • Anonymous
      December 05, 02:13

      i think that u are mad


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